Would You Rather Have a Life of “OH WELL” or “What Might Have Been”? 

Everyone has choices. Do you get up in the morning, or hit the snooze one more time? Do you eat the egg white omelet or the Pop Tart for breakfast? Do you take chances, or do you play it safe and try to avoid thinking about “What Might Have Been”? A friend of mine sent […]

Where Is Your Magic Cottage of Marketing Creativity? 

Have you paid a visit to Planet SARK lately? No, that’s not a weird, random sci-fi reference, although those of you who’ve met me know that I’m guilty of those from time to time. Planet SARK is a place of growth, renewal, creativity, exhuberance and yes, at times, just plain silliness. On Planet SARK, there […]

Cornell University Uses 3-D Printing to Manufacture Human Ear 

Wondering what the latest and greatest is in the wide, wonderful world of 3-D printing? Check out what researchers at Cornell University (yes, the same people who figured out how to print actual chocolate desert) are doing with silicone these days.

Who, Exactly, Are You Trying to Be? Why Your Marketing Model Just Won’t Fit 

The expansion of cookie cutter “businesses in a box” that’s been sweeping the nation lately is bad for business, in more ways than one. Not only does it convince average citizens without a clue about what they’re doing that they can become overnight Internet millionaires, it leaves the average business owner staring around with a […]

4 Tips to Get People to Actually Open Your Direct Mail Marketing Pieces 

How much junk mail pops up in your mailbox each week? I’m not talking about the carefully edited pile of mail your secretary lays on your desk every morning. Or the pile that mysteriously pops up from the mailroom the minute your back is turned. I’m talking about the growing mountain of paper that you […]

Are You Running a Democracy or a Dictatorship? The True Secret of Effective Leadership 

Ever wonder why it doesn’t matter how hard you beg, bribe or threaten your employees, they just can’t seem to get the job done the way you want them to? Earlier this week I stumbled across an interesting article on employee motivation. Okay, I can’t really say “stumbled”. More like, “Was beaten over the head […]

Tuesday Smiles 

I’d like to say I have something witty and clever to start today with, but I don’t. Which means it’s definitely time for a sharp shot of Tuesday inspiration with this beautiful commercial featuring an ordinary young woman who used her talents and the love of her mentor to do something truly extraordinary.

Are You the Man with the (Marketing) Plan? 

School’s right around the corner. All that slacking you’ve done all summer? All those days you spent flying around by the seat of your pants? That’s done. Fin. Finis. Time to get back to living life by your to-do list and become the man with the plan. If you’ve been coasting along on your old […]

“No Honey, We Can’t Get Business Cards for the Cats!” How Far is Too Far When It Comes to Your Personal Brand? 

“No honey, we can’t get business cards for the cats!” These words cheerfully greeted me from my computer screen when I staggered out of bed to check up on what happened on Twitter last night. The first thing I did was laugh (really, really hard) at the mental picture of what my three furry feline […]

Is It Time for Some Lipo in Your Printing? 

Liposuction. I still haven’t figured out if it’s a dirty word, still spoken in hushed tones by Hollywood starlets who don’t want to admit they’re slowly creeping into old age, or if technology and the advent of reality television have made it the next best thing to a household word. Stefanie Wilder Taylor got me […]