Is It Time for Some Lipo in Your Printing?

Liposuction. I still haven’t figured out if it’s a dirty word, still spoken in hushed tones by Hollywood starlets who don’t want to admit they’re slowly creeping into old age, or if technology and the advent of reality television have made it the next best thing to a household word.

Stefanie Wilder Taylor got me thinking about liposuction earlier this week, but not the kind that involves sucking the fat out of your thighs. I’m thinking more about the kind that sucks the fat out of your printing.

How Much “Fat” Are You Printing?

It’s impossible to spend enough time discussing the sheer, unequivocal awesomeness of digital printing. It’s fast. It’s detailed. And, most importantly, it steps in as the laser that sucks the fat out of your printing.

When you’ve got fat hanging around on your thighs, it slows you down. Bogs you up. Forces you to expend additional resources just to get through the day. You’re working twice as hard to get the same result.

That’s what happens when you’ve got too much fat in your printing.

Scenario #1: You’re giving the recycling guys a backache.

It can be hard to estimate how many of any given piece you’re going to need. Especially if you’re getting ready to launch a new (fill in the blank) that you’ve never tried before, because you have absolutely, positively no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

Hey, it’s cool. I get it. Less is more…unless more is more. But how much of that “more” is finding its way to the back of your storage closet and, eventually, to the recycling bin? What could you be doing with the money you spent on those posters/flyers/etc? (Hint: You’ll get more results taking your employees out to lunch. Just sayin’)

Scenario #2: You’re printing things you really don’t need to print.

Business cards are a need. Company stationary is a need. But are there things you’re printing you really don’t need to be? I love printed post-its as much as the next guy, but when they start falling off the top shelves it might be time to start scaling back. And how many forms are you using? Could they be consolidated into one?

Not only will your printing budget thank you, your customers will too. And the goodwill you’ll get from not forcing them to spend their day hunched over 101 pieces of paper?

Absolutely priceless.

Is it time for some lipo on your printing? How has your company started to cut the fat?