Submitting Your Printing Project 

Here are a few key tricks to successfully submitting text, artwork and graphics to a printer: Text should be 3/8” in set from all edges and folds. If ink bleeds off the page, your file should have any “bleed” items extend beyond the edge of the sheet by 1/8”. Photo resolution should be at least […]

Quality Printing on a Budget 

Finding a good value can make your business’s struggle to survive in a turbulent economy just a little bit easier – not to mention save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. These days your budget must go farther than ever; however many people don’t consider pruning printing costs as a way […]

Selecting the Right Printer 

Now that you understand the basics of printing, it’s time to find the right printer for your business. First, evaluate exactly what your business needs are. Will you need a printer for frequent jobs? Is there a certain type of printing request you will need on an on-going basis? Regardless of what your particular printing […]

Printing Terms to Know 

Author or Customer Alterations (AA, CA’s)- Changes made after the proof stage where a customer is responsible for additional charges. Binding- Various methods of securing folded sections together and or fastening them to a cover, to form single copies of a book. Used on a spine. Bleed- Extra ink area that crosses the trim line. […]

Folding and Scoring Paper 

While some printing orders, such as flyers and customer order forms, will be one page, others will be several pages or certain shapes that will require folding the paper in various ways to achieve the desired effect. Here are a few tips to make the process simpler for you and your printer: It will be […]

Which Paper Should You Choose? 

First think about the intended use of your print material. Consider whether the project will be one-use only or is it for example, reference material and will need to stand up to repeated handling. Job performance varies greatly between paper varieties. See and feel different samples in person, if possible. Talk to your printer about […]

Consider Color When Designing Your Next Project 

Gone are the days when black, white and gray reigned in the printing industry. Today, advanced technology and a desire by businesses for visual impact have made color king. Businesses often use color in their print materials as a way to project their desired image, look more professional, to gain interest from consumers and to […]

Color Tips for DIY Designers 

Computers have influenced every part of business, and many business owners may use computer programs in lieu of hiring a professional graphic designer. If you are planning to design your print materials yourself, keep the following tips in mind as you complete your project. *Computer screen colors appear in RGB (red, green, blue) format. RGB […]

The 411 on Your Prints, Your Proofs, and You 

Have you ever sat down at your desktop printer to print something out, only to find out after the fact that it looks nothing like you thought it would? Maybe the shade of yellow you used wasn’t quite right, or your alignment was just a little bit off. When you’re printing 5 or 10 flyers […]

Can I Use 72 DPI Web Graphics for My Print Project? 

The Difference Between 72 DPI and 300+ DPI in Printing (And Why You Need to Care) Every day we wake up in a world that tells us to just say no. We say no to drugs, alcohol, bad habits and the overwhelming urge to throw in the towel, rob a bank and retire to the […]