ERP Case Studies

Real World Results

  • Reduced time for proofing
  • Accelerated turn-around time for client’s short deadlines
  • Saved client money by combining print runs
  • Developed a Pro-Active Project Management system to keep track of the multi projects the client had and reduced the amount of time they had to check in with us

A national pet crematory company needed a more efficient way to order marketing materials.

The Situation:

Pet Passages, a highly reputable pet crematory company with franchises across the country, was looking for a streamlined solution for franchisees to order marketing materials — while maintaining corporate brand standards and consistent messaging.

At the time, when a franchise needed marketing materials, Pet Passages hired a graphic designer to customize each piece of collateral. This would usually take a few days, plus additional time spent on back-and-forth proofing — resulting in a layout process that took a week, minimum. Plus, Pet Passages had to manage the printing process to ensure on-time delivery, taking even more time.

To better support their franchisees, Pet Passages needed an easier, more efficient way to equip them with the right tools to customize and order their own marketing materials. Fast order-fulfillment was also a need since it was key for getting new franchisees up and running quickly.

The Solution:

East Ridge Printing evaluated Pet Passage’s needs by auditing their current marketing materials, to identify the purpose of each piece. After the audit, East Ridge Printing proposed a solution that would allow Pet Passages to maintain their brand integrity — while also providing franchisees the ability to customize their marketing materials through a personalized online storefront. It also gives them the ability to select and customize any piece of corporate collateral they choose. Once the franchisee customizes their materials, they can instantly proofread them and place their order.

This streamlined solution not only provides an efficient ordering process for the franchisee, but it eliminates the need for Pet Passages’ corporate involvement. What’s more, implementing this solution has resulted in two benefits. First, it makes Pet Passages more profitable — saving time and money they would have spent managing design and print projects. And second, it offers franchisees the ability to build their business quickly and efficiently.

Today, franchisees simply log in to the Pet Passages online storefront to order their marketing materials. They’re able to personalize, proof and purchase any of Pet Passages’ corporate marketing materials, day or night. East Ridge Printing prints and ships the materials cutting the original turnaround time by more than half — delivering an efficient, reliable and profitable solution.

A national company needed an accurate, reliable way to turn their materials around quickly.

The Situation:

A fast-growing, national company was concerned with the reliability and accuracy of their current print vendor. They needed an efficient, reliable partner who could keep pace with their ever-growing need for collateral and business support materials — not only now, but as they continued to grow. The company was also looking for a printing partner who could turn their projects around more quickly, as most of their materials require last-minute revisions and were needed within a few days. Most importantly, they needed a company that could print their files accurately. Their current vendor was extremely unorganized and, in some cases, would even print from outdated files. Plus, they were lacking color consistency across all their materials. On top of that, their current proofing possess was cumbersome, averaging 3-4 rounds of back-and-forth communications to get it right.

The Solution:

East Ridge Printing assessed the situation and devised a plan to help them achieve remarkable efficiency. In some cases, the client wasn’t even aware of the additional opportunities available by partnering with the right resource. East Ridge Printing used their experience and designed a workflow strategy to minimize the number of proofing revisions — while also decreasing their turn-around time — a key request from the client. They even educated them on how to reduce costs by printing the most common materials they use together, as one large combo print run.

Additionally, East Ridge Printing guarantees to all their clients, with their ERP Promise, which assures easy ordering and on-time delivery, even up against the tightest deadlines. To further help clients manage their project, East Ridge Printing created an efficient, pro-active, status-update report across multiple, simultaneous jobs — so they don’t have to worry about constantly checking in for project management. All of which results in delivering a ‘wow’ experience to their clients and fulfilling the ERP Promise of efficient, reliable, perfection.