Consider Color When Designing Your Next Project

Gone are the days when black, white and gray reigned in the printing industry. Today, advanced technology and a desire by businesses for visual impact have made color king. Businesses often use color in their print materials as a way to project their desired image, look more professional, to gain interest from consumers and to actively compete against others in their field.

Color can also evoke certain feelings. Orange can be vibrant, blue calming, black sophisticated. Yellow feels sunny, pink feminine and red daring. Whatever your message, it can be reinforced with the right color.

 Here are Some Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Color Print Project:

*Color will change depending upon whether it’s printed on coated or uncoated stocks.

*Substituting florescent yellow and magenta for conventional inks can add richness to projects that are printed using 4-color process on uncoated stock.

*Uncoated stocks will cause metallic inks to look flat and lose some of its metallic look.

*Heavy inks, such as rich black, may require a “double hit” to look as rich as you want.

*Specialty inks can be used for outdoor pieces to increase the durability of the printing.

*Use a single test sheet for a proof of all your images to help you select the right color for you images.

*If you are using a printer for the first time, and you have particular colors that need to mach materials you already have, provide existing samples to the printer that are acceptable to you, so they have something to match. The density of ink can vary, depending upon who prints and how they print your projects. So to be consistent, provide samples.

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