Folding and Scoring Paper

While some printing orders, such as flyers and customer order forms, will be one page, others will be several pages or certain shapes that will require folding the paper in various ways to achieve the desired effect. Here are a few tips to make the process simpler for you and your printer:

It will be easier if you keep folds balanced. In other words, edges should touch, not overlap or be shorter or longer than the opposing page.

Print jobs that require more than four folds become troublesome, so design pages to be folded only two or three times for best results.

Design pages so the paper grain lines are parallel to the binding edge or spine. This will help your pages lie flat and keep paper from cracking or wrinkling.

To avoid the need for precise alignment, put crossovers on center spreads of signatures.

Allow 3/8 “ between the type and the trim to avoid type being cut through or falling off the edge of the paper.

Your printer can help you adjust for “creep” or “shingling.” This occurs in multi-page saddle-stitched books. To avoid creep, realize that the center pages of the book will be much closer to the face trim than outer pages.

For roll-fold brochures, allow for slightly shorter interior panels when you set up your files.


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