Where Is Your Magic Cottage of Marketing Creativity?

Have you paid a visit to Planet SARK lately?

No, that’s not a weird, random sci-fi reference, although those of you who’ve met me know that I’m guilty of those from time to time. Planet SARK is a place of growth, renewal, creativity, exhuberance and yes, at times, just plain silliness.

On Planet SARK, there is a magic cottage of creativity where the great and mighty SARK herself goes to bask. A small toolshed that has been remade into a home, an office and yes, a source of inspiration. It is a place free of stress, where dreams grow wild and free, unfettered by the rules of this insignificant thing we call reality.

Unfettered by reality. Know what we used to call people who dared to throw aside the yoke of reality and bravely wander out into a creative new world? Nut jobs. Loonies. Psychopaths.

Daydreamers. Scandalous.

Friday is swiftly coming to a close, with the weekend to follow, so I’m not going to harp on the awesomeness of rejecting this reality. Instead, I’m going to task all you savvy printing and marketing and dreaming people with a mission this weekend.

When you get home tonight, I want you to find your cottage of creativity. It doesn’t have to be an actual cottage, as SARK’s is. Maybe it’s an office. A room. A quiet corner. A spot under a shady tree where you grab your notebook or colored pencils and while away a quiet summer’s afternoon.

Find a spot where you can let reality stop dragging you down and see how far your creativity can soar.