Printing Holiday Party Invitations

Yesterday marked the first holiday party of the year here at East Ridge Printing-sort of. Actually, it was more of a southern barbeque fiesta in honor of the holidays done potluck style, but it definitely marked the beginning of the holiday season for all of us.

It also got us thinking about our own annual holiday party…and what we were going to need to do to help you gear up for yours with awesome holiday party invitations!

The annual holiday party is a tradition that most of us take part in, whether we’re hosting one at work, having a small get-together for a couple of friends or throwing the doors wide open for the biggest New Year’s Eve bash your town has ever seen. Picking up the phone is fine if you’re just reaching out to a few people, but if you’re planning on inviting half the town (or even all of your employees) taking that extra step and printing holiday party invitations isn’t just an option. It’s a necessity.

Choosing Your Holiday Party Invitations

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to the covers of your holiday party invitations. In fact, since invitations can be customized to say and look like anything you want, there are literally a limitless number of opportunities out there waiting for you!

printing holiday party invitationsWhat we recommend is that rather than plunging blindly into the void, you choose a party theme first. Coordinating your holiday party invitations with the look and feel of your party is all a part of this balanced celebration…and it helps your guests know how they should dress. And what they should expect. A black tie affair advertised with a fat, friendly Santa sitting in a chimney is going to leave your guests underdressed for the big event. On the other hand, a sophisticated, metallic card with formal type may be overkill if you want your friends to show up in jeans, pies and holiday goodies in hand.

Choosing the Fonts for Your Holiday Party Invitations

Believe it or not, choosing the font for your holiday party invitations is just as important as choosing the right cover image. Not only do you have to worry about look and feel, you also need your guests to actually be able to read it!

I can’t count how many times I’ve sat squinting at tiny type on holiday party invitations trying to figure out if it was asking me to bring a batch of cookies or if they were going to be hosting a band of wookies. Check the size and spacing of your fonts carefully before giving your printing services provider the thumbs up; the last thing you want is to realize after the fact that your guests are going to show up bearing ears of corn instead of holiday horns!

Looking for more great ideas for your holiday party invitations? Come see the ideas and choices at East Ridge Printing!