Direct Mail Marketing 101: People Pay More Attention When They See What You’re Selling

Why would you spend the time and energy to launch a direct mail marketing campaign? Because you love sitting around designing materials? Because it makes you smile to know you’re in every mailbox across town?

Because you want to attract new customers?

If you’re leaning toward option 3, show them what you’re selling!

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words-Literally

You can spend all day telling someone about your products. If you can get them to stand still that long. You’ll catch their interest faster, have fewer sore throats and be more likely to secure the sale if they can actually see them.

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Visual stimuli can capture any customer's interest-even his.

There’s a reason it’s called show and tell, after all.

**On an interesting side note, a study into consumer buying habits showed that customers are willing to pay more if a product is right in front of them. So brick and mortar stores may still have the advantage after all.**

Design Your Postcard Back to Front?

Here’s a thought for you. How do you create your postcards?

Conventional wisdom tells us to make the front bright and brilliant to catch their attention, then put our information and the address on the back.


Your friendly neighborhood mailman is more interested in getting the right mail in the right box than he is about which way your card is facing. If the address is on the back, that’s the first thing your customers are going to see when they take it out of their mailbox.

Where am I going with this? If the first thing your customers see is the back of the postcard, the back of the postcard needs to be where they “see” your product. Design the back with the same zealous attention to detail you showed on the front. Hook their attention. Lure them in.

It takes a little more time and effort than you may have put into your direct mail marketing campaign before, but your increased ROI is more than worth it!