Everything You Needed to Know to Put the Icing on Your Marketing Materials You Learned in Kindergarten

“If the scene bores you when you read it, rest assured it will bore the actors, and will, then, bore the audience, and we’re all going to be back in the breadline.” ~ David Mamet, via Copyblogger

For children, all the world is a stage.

Monsters hide around dark corners, dragons lurk in the bushes, knights in shining armor take their place in our living room while we battle bravely against the scourge of goblins invading from far off fairytale lands.

Then we become teenagers, and the world lights up with the untold promise of adulthood. Every moment is filled with drama and excitement, heartbreaking happiness and gut wrenching despair.

When we’re young, our book of stories floweth over. When we become adults, however, we eschew fairytales and dramatic monologues for schedules and cold hard fact, trading enthusiasm for carefully crafted sales pitches and personal connections for third party anonymity.

Why? Because somebody told us that’s the way it should be.

child entrepreneur

Already he has the skills he needs to be a budding young entrepreneur.

The Information Age is Over? Blasphemy!

Well, it might not be as blasphemous as you think. Information is pouring out of every nook and cranny of the Internet these days. Blogger Tim Challies described the phenomenon as infobesity. Catherine Collins, spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, described it as being “so informed that we can’t be bothered.”

People have no shortage of information out there waiting for them. What they’re short on is something that’s going to touch them enough to penetrate the shield they form to keep all the information out.

They want something they can relate to.

Something that will catch their interest.

Something that applies to their lives.

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing, You Learned in Kindergarten

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s right. Everything you needed to know to put the icing on your marketing campaign, you learned in Kindergarten.

~If you’re excited, your friends will be too.

~Getting your hands dirty makes everything more fun.

~Never let anything sit on a shelf. Get it down and use it!

~The more fantastic and outlandish your stories are, the more your people will listen and the less they    will believe.

~Bright colors are more exciting than black and white,

~If you want to catch someone’s eye, play with your cool toy. If you want to make a friend for life, let them play with it too.