How to Integrate Your Offline Marketing Campaign with Your Online/Email Marketing Campaign, Part 8: Personalization Counts

Unique clients demand unique marketing materials.

Can personalization ever really be overdone? Studies say no. While, statistically speaking, emails that only had the subject line personalized fared worse than those with no personalization whatsoever, 64% of users surveyed in the US and UK during a poll published in the “Manifesto for E-mail Marketers: Consumer Demand Relevance” stated they wanted marketers to demonstrate that they knew what kind of products and services they might be shopping for. Yet only 10% of all mail marketing strategies are completely individualized.

What does that tell you? If you’re a smart, savvy marketer it tells you that you need to personalize your mail marketing materials, whether you’re talking about direct mail marketing or email marketing, those mail marketing materials need to be customized to your consumers’ preferences if they’re going to be effective. It tells you that you need to do a lot more than put a name at the top of a mass mail.

It tells you that you need to customize your marketing campaign to your consumers.

The best way to make sure your marketing materials are targeted specifically to your customers is to keep track of what your customers are buying, then keep individual mailing lists by category to be sure that they’re getting information and resources geared to their preferences. Mass marketing in all its forms, including direct mail marketing and email marketing, went out a long time ago. Take the time to create and distribute separate marketing materials for your consumers. Your ROI will more than justify the extra hours you spend.

When your direct mail marketing and email marketing campaigns are as individualized as possible, your customers will listen. They’ll hear. And they’ll come back.