Designing Your Holiday Cards

Are you a “crafty” kind of person? Or do you employ people that are? The good news is, you don’t have to be a crafting whiz to create holiday cards with pizzazz (not to be confused with pizza, which could get pretty messy). You just have to have a direct link to people who are!

What You Still Have to Know About Designing Holiday Cards

Whether yours is the artistic genius behind today’s hottest holiday cards or you prefer to borrow ours and have a professional design your holiday greetings, there are still a few things you need to know.

1)      Choose a cover design that’s going to connect with your audience. Emotional impact isn’t just for bad commercials,holiday cards, christmas cards, package cards, unique cards you know. When you send out your holiday greetings, you want to connect with the people you’re talking to.

2)      Send holiday cards that mean something. The oh-so-generic-and-uninspired “Happy Holidays to You and Yours” is still popular, but it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not saying it’s a wrong choice, but don’t hesitate to look around for something that has a message you want to share. (I’m a big fan of holiday cards that make me laugh myself.)

3)      Include a note from you and yours with your holiday cards. The whole point of sending holiday cards is to let your friends, family and clientele know you’re thinking about them this Christmas. What better way to do that than to enclose a personal note from you, your family and your team with each card you send? Ideally you’ll be able to write a personal note with each card you send. If you don’t have time (like, for example, you’re sending out 10,000 cards next week) at least compose a message to be printed on each of your cards so their recipients know you didn’t just click an order button, speed through and forget about it.

Looking for customized cards for you and your business that stand out of the crowd? Let us help!