Holiday Cards? Thanksgiving Invitations? Christmas Pictures? Yep, the Holidays are Here!

Halloween on Friday, Christmas on Monday. Yep, the holidays are here. My sister’s already called to let me know I’m hosting dinner Christmas Eve at my place. My father’s asking for the kids’ Christmas lists. And our holiday card site is up and running with a vengeance. (Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here.)

Why We Should Send Holiday Cards

The question most of us ask when the time comes to send holiday cards is, “Why?” It doesn’t matter what holiday cards, christmas cards, holiday invitations, party invitations, card printingholiday it is. It doesn’t matter who we’re sending Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Birthday cards out to. It just doesn’t make sense that a piece of paper with some words and a stamp would make that big of a difference one way or the other.

Or does it?

Let me clue you in here. I spent most of my life being an avid hater of holiday cards or all shapes and sizes, then I got a certified wake-up call. Holiday cards actually play a huge role in the continued health and well-being of our business and social lives…and whether or not your brother’s going to save you a seat at Christmas dinner or hand your space over to the dog! (Hypothetically speaking…) Your customers will move on to companies that value their business.

When you send a holiday card, what you’re really doing is saying:

1) I remember you.
2) I want you to remember me.
3) I took the time to make and mail this card to make sure you know you’re more to me than just another name and number on a sheet of paper.

Pretty cool, huh? All of that, wrapped up in one small piece of paper and tied with a bow.

Yes, the Holidays are Busy, but…Holiday Cards are the One Thing You Can’t Afford to Forget

How to Add a Call to Action to Your Holiday Cards

Adding a call to action to your personal holiday cards is easy. All you have to do is put, “Call me some time. We’ll do dinner!” on top of your signature and you’re gold. But what about your business? How do you add a call to action to holiday cards for your business without being tacky about it?

Ask Hallmark. Or Toys R Us. Seriously. The two retail giants have holiday card marketing down to a fine art form. Since my son and I both have birthdays this month I’ve received plenty of mail from both of them, complete with “Too Good to Be Forgotten” coupons for the 30 days before and after the big event. Which is why Saturday found me wandering around a Hallmark store like a mindless drone looking for the best way to reinvest my $10 coupon.

That ornament’s gonna look great on my Christmas tree.

So order your holiday cards (soon), personalize them to your target market and pick a great value proposition to toss inside. Then sit back and see what happens.

Holiday cards, invitations and birthdays and more, oh my! If you haven’t already, check out our snazzy holiday card shop at East Ridge Printing!