Why Most Printing Services Ask for a PDF

Have you ever noticed how many different versions of each type of software are on the market today? When sending an Office document you have to find out which version the recipient has or save it as a compatible file. Incompatible files look like they’ve been written in hieroglyphics. Imagine working in a professional printing shop trying to wade through thousands of files created by hundreds of different versions of dozens of different software.

It would get ugly fast. Orders would pile up. Documents would be printed in gibberish. The whole system would crumble down around our ears!

Adobe PDF Cleans Up the Mess

A PDF is called a portable document file for a reason. It’s portable. It can be opened by anyone, anytime, anywhere, as long as they have Adobe Reader. That means that people can always read your documents, and when you send a digital file to print you can send it knowing it’s going to get there safe and sound and print out looking exactly like it did when you put it together in the first place.

How to Create a PDF

The best thing about printing with PDF files is that creating a PDF is a piece of cake. More importantly, you can do it without having to pay a small fortune for new software! All you have to do is go out on the web, download PDF 995 and “print” your file. Watch as our very own Tony Finazzo shows you how!

How to Make a PDF