Speedlink: 10 Great Print Design Posts You Really Should See

10 great print design posts from graphic designers around the web.

1)      20 Awesome Inspirational Logos from 2010, from Design Shard. I think the title says it all!

2)      Orkin Pest Control, from adgoodness. This site spotlights the best in advertising and showcases Orkin’s new (and really cool) design for their print ads.

3)      Business Classes for Freelance Designers, from All Graphic Design. A look at the business of going into business for yourself for today’s freelancer.

4)      Psychology and Graphic Design, from All Graphic Design. A look at the human psyche and how you can use your artistic talents to make it work for you.

5)      How to Make Text “Pop” without Spot Colors, from designer Andrew Kelsall. Using text and imagery to generate the greatest impact.

6)      2010 Printmaking Roundup, from COLOURlovers. A look at some of the top design and printmaking techniques for 2010. (I particularly liked the balloon…)

7)      Valentine’s Cards, from DesignMuse. A peek at the new line of Valentine’s Day cards from Rifle Paper Co (and some great ideas for designers already thinking about what they’re going to do next year…).

8)      10 Useful Logo Design Tips, from Dzine Blogs. The Do’s and Don’ts of Logo Design.

9)      Stop Thinking Like a Print Designer!, from Garth Hagerman. While intended for web designers, graphics artist who do most of their work on the web will find it easy to take his advice and apply it in reverse.

10)   Birthday Cards for Business: Making Them More Special for Clients, from My Postcard Printing Blog. A look at how to create birthday cards your customers will cherish (instead of ones they’ll toss in the trash.)