Promoting Your Outdoor Events This Summer

girl flower springNow that Spring has (finally) decided to make an appearance, it’s time to start talking about outdoor events your company’s planning on hosting if you haven’t already…and how you’re planning to promote them.

Digital advertising calls to us in the winter, when it’s too cold to do much more than run from your house to the car (up here, at least) but in the summertime the appeal of posters, flyers, radio ads and street signs calls out to pedestrians sneaking out of their houses for the first (or second or third) taste of the summer sun.  

So how can you promote your outdoor events?

1)      Pop up flyers. They’re cheap. They’re easy. But with the right graphics, when used along major walkways they’re extremely effective in attracting foot traffic.

2)      Partner with your local zoo or other outdoor venue. Is there a zoo, an amusement park or other outdoor locality that attracts a huge volume of people every summer? Partner up with them to offer discount tickets, exclusive offers or other perks and make their traffic, your traffic.

3)      Promote at other outdoor events. Are there other major outdoor events going on near you that attract your kind of people? Talk to the sponsors and ask about setting up a booth or having people float through the crowd passing out flyers and other information.

4)      Put it on the radio. People are cranking up the tunes and flying down the highway with the windows down. Their to-do list isn’t the first thing on their mind. You can make that work for you.

5)      Finally, don’t forget to let your customers know about it! Every person who walks through your door should know what’s going on before they walk back out. Easy traffic, easy marketing, easy promotion. Don’t let that pass you by!