Of Fighting and Freedom: A Word of Thanks

There are many things in this life that we have the privilege of taking for granted in my little corner of the world. Like the fact that I can be a woman and run a business and nobody thinks anything of it. I can let my kids go outside to play without having to worry that they’ll be the victims of a random act of terrorism. I live in a diverse neighborhood, where you never know what language you’re going to hear walking down the street or what color skin my daughter’s next best friend is going to have. There’s food on the table, a roof over our heads and the promise that someday, our kids are going to be able to enjoy everything we’ve worked so hard to build.

I know who I have to thank for that. So today, I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet and focus on giving thanks to the men and women who laid down their lives in the American Revolution so we could be an independent nation. To those who fought in the Civil War to push slavery out and let everyone have a fair shot at success. To those who stepped forward in World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam. To those who are still in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Japan, Australia and our home soil who are doing their part to make this world a better place for our kids. I salute you.

Happy 4th of July.