Direct Mail Marketing 101: Updated Mailing Lists are Good, Wrong Addresses are Better

Update your mailing list.

Update your mailing list.

Update your mailing list.

Take the words, set them to the tune of “MMMBop”, and you’d have the theme song for today’s direct mail marketing industry. (Seriously. Try it. It works. Eerily well.) Updated mailing lists are important to make sure your direct mail marketing materials are still going out to people who want to hear what you have to say.

What no one ever bothers to tell you is that while updated mailing lists are good, wrong addresses can be even better.


When someone moves away, someone else moves into their house. That someone sees your marketing materials. Another lead, another potential sale. Didn’t cost you a thing.

Where will your envelope go?

I Never Have to Update My Mailing List Again?

No, we didn’t say that. It’s important to stay on top of changes in your marketing processes. No point in selling software built for real estate agents to a computer programmer, or baby clothes to a professional couple without children. Sure, you might get a sale or two out of sheer dumb luck. Everyone has to buy a birthday present some time. But your ROI won’t be as high as it could be.

So yes, you have to update your mailing list from time to time. But if a wrong address slips in from time to time, don’t panic. Appreciate it for the underdeveloped opportunity that it is.