8 More Essential iPad Apps for the Deisgner on the Go

Yesterday we talked about essential iPad apps for mobile designers. I had so many people touch base with me about their favorite apps and the sheer awesomeness of taking th eiPad out on the road that I thought I’d stop in and mention 8 more insanely awesome iPad apps for design professionals:

1)      LiveSketch HD: You’d never be caught without a sketchpad. Now you can have the digital form. LiveSketchHD works just like a regular sketchpad, but it’s embedded into your iPad for traveling convenience and protection from prying eyes, little or otherwise!

2)      AutoDesk Sketchbook Mobile: Painting and drawing software for the artistically gifted designer. Now also available for Android, designers who have used AutoDesk (I haven’t personally taken it for a test drive yet) really like its versatility and the way it doesn’t pen them in to any specific type of design media. You’ve got your 3-D and your stick figures all in one!

3)      TypeDrawing: Typography for photos and fun for fonts, typography takes calligraphy to a whole new level for designers. People who have used it are raving over its ease and speed, even for an iPad newbie.

4)      Photopad by Zagg: A high-quality photoediting app for a mobile device, if there’s something you want to do to your photo with a regular photoediting software you can’t do here, I haven’t found it yet. It doesn’t, however, seem to have the capabilities of Photoshop and may prove more helpful to photographers than graphic designers.

5)      Filterstorm: Filterstorm seems to offer more versatility in photo editing for the iPad than Photopad. This is another one I haven’t had the chance to play with yet; however, their product description page claims that they’re a favorite with photojournalists.

6)      Omnigraffle: Charts. Wireframes. Diagrams. Page layouts. Omnigraffle. Check it out.

7)      Moodboard Pro: Moodboard creates mood and inspiration boards for your family. I’m really not sure how to describe it, aside from the finished products are absolutely gorgeous and offer a definite improvement over the same same-old same-old.

8)      Brushes App: Another app takes the artist’s easel out onto the iPad. This offers realistic layering, a number of brush options, and the opportunity to digitally create works that look like they were made on the easel and brought out into the digital world…

What are your favorite iPad design apps? What, besides your iPad, do you always have with you when you’re on the go?