Write Me a Headline That Gives Me a Reason

Are you reading this in a coffee shop while you get your Saturday morning fix? Perfect. I want you to do something for me. Raise your hand if you’re a social media maven. Keep it up. Hold it…hold it…Now, before they turn around I want you to take a quick head count and see who’s looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. Got a number?

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...and only you can make your customers want to hear what you have to say.

Guess what? If you open your mouth right now and each and every one of those people is going to hear what you have to say.

On the other hand, if you’re quietly, steadily muttering to yourself hunched over your desk all day long, people are going to eventually tune you out. Just ask your cleaning crew. If you want people to listen, you have to give them a reason.

What Twitter and Direct Mail Marketing Have In Common

Internet marketing might be the biggest game in town right now, but it’s not the only one. With all the similarities out there connecting the world of offline and online marketing, there are some obvious conclusions to be drawn.

Starting with Twitter.

Yesterday I logged on and found 300 different links posted to my Twitter feed. Within an hour. If these guys really think I’m going to take the time to read 300 different blog posts and articles, they’ve lost their minds. I scan my Twitter feed for two things-original thoughts (without a URL attached) and catchy headlines that inspire me to take the time to take a look.

Repeat after me: The average consumer sees 5,000 advertising messages each and every day, both online and off. They have a life. They’re not going to take the time to read them all. If you want them to listen, you need to write a headline that’s going to give them a reason.

You need to be the oddball with their hand sticking up in the air.