What’s the Most Important Thing You Put on Your Business Cards?

What’s the most important thing you put on your business cards?

We all grew up with the cut and dried template of the perfect business card dangled in front of our faces. The one that listed our name, our company, our job title and our company information. Back when there were only a handful of businesses running around. Your customers have a little bit more to choose from these days.

With that in mind, your business card has to do a lot more than just toss out your name and your phone number. So what’s the most important thing your business cards should say?

Your job title isn’t enough. Somewhere on your card should be a description of your services. Are you a carpet specialist or a carpet installation specialist? A cleaner? A master of carpet repair? “Specialist” is a widely used frame that’s way too broad for most of today’s niche businesses. If your would-be customers don’t see your particular niche when they look at your card, you’re going to get filed back in the part of their brain that isn’t going to remember you next week.

Are any of the “old” components you were putting on when you were printing your business cards any less important just because you’re thinking about starting fresh? Absolutely not. These “fresh” cards should still have your name on there somewhere. That lets you capitalize on any personal connection you hope to build. You need not only a phone number, but also an email address and website URL where they can go for more information on your businesses and services.

A fax number is good, although not necessarily essential. It’s a small step for most people to pick up the phone, call a business and ask for their fax number.

What’s the most important thing you put on your business cards?