What Are Your Business Cards Telling Your Customers Behind Your Back?

Hey! Your business card said you’re a schmuck!


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"My business card says I didn't want you to call me anyway."

Did you know your business cards were whispering behind your back? Telling your customers things that you’d really rather they didn’t hear?

They’re sneaky like that.

So What Do Your Business Cards Have to Say?

You don’t have a creative bone in your body.

With the sheer quantity of options on the table for business cards these days, it’s hard to understand why people are still handing out black and white cards with nothing but text on them.

You don’t understand the concept of branding.

I see this a LOT with people who don’t understand the message their business cards are sending out. Your business card IS the first impression people are going to have of your company. Its texture, cut, color all blend together to create an image of you and the services you provide.

If you’re promoting yourself as a warm, friendly, easy to work with service provider and your business cards are harsh and austere, you’re sending out a mixed message that ends up with you shuffled to the back of the line.

You’re SERIOUSLY over-estimating your memorability.

Business cards lacking your name, contact information and a reasonable description of the services you offer are going to leave people clueless when they pull it back out later on. Make sure your card not only sending the right message and providing enough information to go along with it.