The 10 Best iPad Apps and How Businesses Are Using Them to Power Their Marketing Campaign

Between the launch of the iPad and Steve Jobs’ latest announcement, Apple is the hottest thing on the news these days. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a minute or 3 and look at the 10 hottest iPad apps on the market and how business owners are using them to power their marketing campaign (or could be using them, if they’d just get past that whole prejudice about actually working at work…)


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Dragon dictation ipad app

Dragon Dictation

1) Dragon Dictation

This app was made by the same people who gave us Dragon Naturally Speaking and allows you to dictate your thoughts, notes and documents rather than taking the time to type. More productivity, easier multi-tasking, and the opportunity to hear what your message is going to sound like out loud without that weird gap that exists between paper and brain.

 Don’t get me wrong, lots of writers have been published with that gap firmly in place. But when you’re talking about your brand, you want to make sure what you have to say says what you want it to say any way you want to say it.


Zinio Digital Reader

2)      Zinio

Zinio was designed to give users access to thousands of print magazines around the world in digital format. All the perks of the Kindle (millions of articles at your fingertips, daily updates) with full color pictures and the ability to share articles without taking the phrase “cut and paste” back a whole generation.

You do remember scissors and glue, don’t you?

And because Zinio operates globally, you can use your iPad to stay on top of what’s happening in your global society.


textnow logo

Free texting from textNOW



Unlimited free texting and picture messaging. Do we really need to say anything else? Digital marketing easier and cheaper than it’s ever been.

4)      Korg iElectribe

ielectribe for ipad

iElectribe, changing the world one jingle at a time

Ever watch one of those lame jingles on TV and think, “I could do so much better”? Here’s your chance. Electribe software has been powering musicians for years. With the iElectribe you can unleash the potential of Electribe from the comfort of your office chair.

Just don’t let your secretary see you jamming air guitar on your desk. She wouldn’t understand.


Pianist Pro for iPad

Pianist Pro


Pianist PRO

See above. Rinse and repeat. Perfect for any jingle that’s not going to involve that fierce techno beat, straight from Moo Cow Music. Also good for endless renditions of Chopsticks or the theme from Jeopardy when you’re in a meeting and someone is taking too long. Not that we’d know anything about that. *cough* On to the next one…

abc player ipad

Watch "Castle" from your iPad. What's not to like?

6)      ABC Player

Watch your favorite ABC shows for free on the iPad. No, seriously. They actually did it. They completely eliminated the need to own a TV. All right, so the rest of us have known that for years. Doesn’t make it any less cool.

While the ABC Player might not do much for your direct marketing campaign, per se, it will let you keep an eye on the competition. All the newest commercials, direct to your desk, all day? The potential benefits are inconceivable.

If you walk away from your computer after reading this post and forget everything I just said, remember this: The competition’s getting mobile. Really mobile. And if you can’t keep up you’re going to get left behind.


dungeon hunter ipad

Dungeon Hunter

7)    Dungeon Hunter HD

Ummmm…hmmmm. We tried to come up with a good marketing application, we really did, but we couldn’t get anyone to put down the game long enough to think about it! I think we’re going to chalk this one up as one of those office morale/things to talk about around the water cooler/great conversation starter when you’re meeting with a new client kind of things and just move on… 

8)      Star Walk for iPad Star Walk for the iPad was actually featured by Apple themselves as one the winner of the Apple Design Award in 2010. The fully interactive app is a living, breathing reminder that anyone with a modicum of interest will take the time to hear what you have to say if it’s accomplished by giving them something to play with.



The Associated Press has carved a solid niche for themselves in the wide world of online news, and one would expect that their iPad app would do the same. Unfortunately, technical glitches have stopped that from happening so far. One has hope, however, that that’s going to change given the proper time and motivation.

10)   Scrabble for iPad

What?!?! ANOTHER video game for employees to play during their work hours?

Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.After all, it was named one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2010!  Scrabble is great for encouraging creativity and quick thinking and expanding your vocabulary, something your marketing team is going to need an overabundance of in today’s competitive market. 

It’s all about the wordplay…