Marketing in True Sally Hogshead Style: STOP BEING BORING!


Now cry.

Now tap dance on your desk.

Yep, you heard me. And a one, and a two, and a one two three four…

Wait. You’re not dancing? Seriously?

Okay, you don’t really have to get up and dance on your desk. But two thumbs up if you did! The point (yep, I had one somewhere) is that if this blog was really doing its job, you’d have done it. Or at least thought about it.

What would possess a perfectly sane human being to get up and tap dance on top of their desk in the middle of the day? That’s the secret. And it’s a secret you want to master if you’re going to master the ins and outs of marketing success.

All of my fellow Tweeps already know that I’m a huge fan of Sally Hogshead. (You’re not following us on Twitter? What are you waiting for?) Why? Because she always has something useful to say, and she always manages to make me smile while she says it. *BOOM* Say hello to the reason thousands, if not millions, of people tune in to her Tweets, Facebook posts and speaking engagements with more diligence and regularity (and a longer attention span) than they show the morning news. The woman is a marketing phenomenon.

Why? Because she’s never boring!

When you get a chance, check out Fascinate and listen in to her interview with social media marketing whiz Scott Stratten. The video is posted below for your short-term gratification…but it’ll be here later for all of you sneaking this in at work! The two of them take you step-by-step from mess to success to help you turn your campaign into a marketing sensation.

So what are you making your customers feel? Do your direct mail marketing pieces make them want to tune in, or are you just broadcasting? Is it all about you, or all about them? Are you making the most of your fascination triggers, or are you the boring kid on the playground?

Want to become an international marketing success? STOP BEING BORING!