Build Your Business Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Like Mother Nature Built the Iceberg

Have you ever looked, really looked at an iceberg? Look at the tip, the sides, the broad base before it dips into the ocean and out of sight. Now, I have a question for you, and I want you to think about it very, very carefully.

What is that iceberg made of?

The heftiest part of the iceberg is the part you'll never see.

I heard that. You rolled your eyes, didn’t you? It’s pretty obvious that an iceberg is made of ice. H2O. Frozen water. From top to bottom. The composition might be slightly difference from top to bottom, but at its heart it’s still ice.

So if your marketing plan is just the tip of the giant branding iceberg, shouldn’t it have basically the same composition all the way through? That single concept is where many companies go horribly, horribly wrong when developing a multi-channel marketing plan for their business.

Before you try and create any kind of marketing plan, sit down for a minute and think about how you want people to see your business. What’s your brand? Where’s your voice? What do you want to say? That message, that brand, should carry over into every phase of your marketing plan for your business. Take Campbell’s “Mmm, mmm, good.” It’s on every piece of marketing they do. The Gerber baby. The GAP logo (which I have on excellent authority has been put back where it belongs as the imposter they tried to implement was run out of town).

Find your brand. Find your voice. Then build your multi-channel marketing iceberg.